3 Part 3: V-Modell Reference Tailoring

3.4 Project Types

3.4.2 System Development Project (Supplier)


This project type deals with V-Modell projects on supplier side. During a project of this type, an offer must be prepared and - in case of a contract award - a system must be developed in accordance with the »Project Execution Strategy of one of the offered »Project Type Variant. The system will then be delivered to the acquirer for acceptance. The mandatory and optional process modules for this project are depicted in Figure 7. The »Decision Gate of the possible project execution strategy for this »Project Type are listed in Figure 8.


Figure 7: Relations between the »Process Module for the Project Type »System Development Project (Supplier)


Figure 8: Decision Gates of the Available Project Execution Strategies for System Development Projects of a Supplier

Possible project type variants:

Project (Acquirer) Including Development, Enhancement or Migration, Project (Acquirer) Including System Maintenance

Process Modules to be used:

Configuration Management, Delivery and Acceptance (Supplier), Problem and Change Management, Project Management, Quality Assurance, System Development, Drafting and Conclusion of Contract (Supplier)

Project characteristics to be determined during tailoring:

Security (Supplier), Life Cycle Cost Management, Project Measures, Off-the-Shelf Products, User Interface, Subject of the Project