3 Part 3: V-Modell Reference Tailoring

3.6 Process Modules

3.6.4 Problem and Change Management


Project Management



Figure 23: Process module Problem and Change Management


The problem and change management deals with change requests, faults and problems arising during system development and utilization.

This procedure is initiated by a problem report or a change request which may be submitted by all persons concerned (user, developer, acquirer, etc.). The status of all problem reports/change requests is documented in the change status list. For every problem report and every change request, a problem/change evaluation will be prepared, and a change decision will be made as to whether the problem shall be solved or the change shall be executed.

An acquirer or user may submit change requests e.g. because of system malfunctions, a lack of functionality and changes in the own environment. The supplier may also have change requests, e.g. due to problems with external supplies, misunderstandings in the order, or newly recognized dependencies.

The following principles, which shall be observed by all participants, apply:

The change management regulates the following

The changes themselves will not be executed in the »Process Module Problem and Change Management, but only initiated by the »Change Decision.

Project types that may include this process module

System Development Project (Acquirer), System Development Project (Supplier), System Development Project (Acquirer/Supplier), Introduction and Maintenance of an Organization-Specific Process Model