1 Part 1: Fundamentals of the V-Modell

1.4 Management Mechanisms of the V-Modell

1.4.7 Problem and Change Management

During the entire project life cycle, products will be modified and changed. If a certain degree of completeness has been reached, it is necessary to follow product changes also formally. This formal problem and change management is defined in the »Process Module »Problem and Change Management. This procedure is shaped specifically for each project in the »Project Manual. In particular, it has to be documented which which types of changes are meant to be traced by the formal problem and change management. In this connection, it should be noted, that only products in the state »Finished can be subject to a formal problem and change management.

Within the scope of the formal problem and change management, all faults, problems and change proposals have to be documented and evaluated and the further procedure in the project has to be decided. Problem reports and change requests (see »Problem Report / Change Request ) may occur during the entire project and system life cycle and can be prepared by all persons concerned, e.g., »Software Developer, »User or »Ergonomics Manager.

There may be a great variety of reasons for problem reports and change requests, e.g. system malfunctions, deferred corrective actions, lacking or additional system functionalities, changes of the environment on the side of the acquirer or supplier, problems regarding external subcontractors, misunderstandings in the requirements stated in the contract and newly recognized dependencies. These problem reports and change requests have to be documented and followed by a »Change Status List. This list informs on type and state of a change, state of the decisions and planned schedule.

The change procedure itself, i.e. the recording, evaluation and decision, is a self-contained replicable process. This process is controlled by the »Role »Change Request Manager. Mandatory decisions will be made by the »Change Control Board, the composition and decision competence of which will be determined in the »Project Manual and should depend on the effects of changes.