1 Part 1: Fundamentals of the V-Modell

1.4 Management Mechanisms of the V-Modell

1.4.2 Project Organization

The project organization superimposes the existing organization of the project's environment, e.g. the line organization of a company or government agency. Nevertheless, the project organization must be clearly and firmly established in the surrounding organization. This requires an unambiguous regulation of competences as well as the definition and organization of project communication and reporting.

Based on the tasks and responsibilities, competences have to be determined, funds allocated and framework conditions defined. This has to be documented in the »Project Progress Decision and worked out in the »Project Manual and the »QA Manual.

In addition, the »Roles must be staffed. This manning of roles is the most important factor for the success of a project. The individual key roles, e.g. »Project Leader and »System Architect, have to be manned with experienced, competent and accepted persons. The same applies to project control panels, e.g. the »Steering Committee or the »Change Control Board.