6 Part 6: V-Modell Reference Activities

6.6 List of Figures

Figure 1: Representation of Activity Diagrams

Figure 2: Project Disciplines

Figure 3: Development Disciplines

Figure 4: Organization Discipline

Figure 5: Activity Diagram "Coming to a Project Progress Decision"

Figure 6: Activity Diagram "Preparing the Project Manual"

Figure 7: Improvement Measures "Planning a Project"

Figure 8: Activity Diagram "Holding a Meeting"

Figure 9: Activity Diagram "Deciding on Changes"

Figure 10: Activity Diagram "Maintaining a Change Status List"

Figure 11: Activity Diagram "Managing the Product Library"

Figure 12: Decision Gates and Product Configurations

Figure 13: Activity Diagram "Preparing Evaluation Specification System Element"

Figure 14: Activity "Determining Requriements"

Figure 15: Example of Possible Damage Categories, Damage Classes, Safety and Security Levels

Figure 16: Examples of risk classes

Figure 17: Example of a risk acceptance matirx

Figure 18: Activity Diagram "Preparing Requirements Evaluation"

Figure 19: System Architecture Hierarchy

Figure 20: Activity Diagram "Preparing Overall System Specification "

Figure 21: Activity Diagram "Preparing System Specification"

Figure 22: Activity Diagram "Preparing System Architecture"

Figure 23: Activity Diagram "Preparing the Hardware Architecture"

Figure 24: Activity Diagram "Preparing System Implementation, Integration and Evaluation Concept"

Figure 25: Logistic Support Hierarchy

Figure 26: Activity Diagram "Performing a Process Model Assessment"

Figure 27: Activity Diagram "Preparing, Introducing and Maintaining an Org.-Specific PM"