7 Part 7: V-Modell Reference Mapping to Standards

7.2 Mapping to other Standards

7.2.1 Mapping to AQAP-150

The NATO standard AQAP-150 (Allied Quality A ssurance Publication) was published in March 1993. In September 1997 the second edition was presented. In this comparison with the V-Modell the German version of this second edition was used.

For NATO (North Atlantic Treaty O rganization) software projects, regulations require the AQAP standards. In addition to AQAP-150 there is also the standard AQAP-2110, whose structure is identical with that of ISO 9001and which fully integrates the latter and supplements it with additional NATO requirements. AQAP-2110 thus defines in accordance with ISO 9001 requirements concerning the definition and implementation of a quality management system at the organizational level.

AQAP-150 establishes requirements for the planning, execution and control of software projects and supplements AQAP-2110 with the project-specific point of view. AQAP-150 requires the development of a software quality system and project-specific software quality management activities. The task of AQAP-150 is to make sure that high quality software is developed by establishing requirements for the development process. In this context quality requirements relate not only to the softwar to be developed itself, but also to software required within the framework of the development process and to off-the-shelf products that are integrated into the software.

This objective corresponds exactly to that of the V-Modell. The latter, however, is not limited to software development, but considers systems in general. The V-Modell covers the requirements established in AQAP-150. Since the V-Modell is a generic process model, however, when adapting the V-Modell to a specific project, it has to be taken into consideration that some specific requirements of the AQAP-150 are considered and documented in the project manual. Further details are described in the individual subsections of this »Mapping to Standards.