2 Part 2: A Tour through the V-Modell

2.4 Definition of a Project

V-Modell Description: »Decision Gate »Project Defined

The decision gate »Project Defined examines whether the »Project Manual and the »QA Manual describe the project correctly. In case of a positive assessment, the »Project Manual and the »QA Manual specify the first directives and conditions for the project which - in the course of the project - enable the acquirer to specify requirements and the supplier to design the system.

The »Project Leader Dr. Odysseus has received the approval for the Project Trademark and Patent Information System I and the directives relevant to the Trademark and Patent Administration of the Technische Universität München. In order to define the project, he must refine and extend the general framework in this »Project Section. The provisions of the V-Modell apply; it is necessary to execute a project-specific adaptation of the V-Modell - the so-called »Tailoring – and to document the same in the »Project Manual.

Dr. Odysseus finds the description of the decision gate »Project Defined, which is common to all »V-Modell Project, in the »V-Modell Reference Tailoring. Descriptions of the work products are included in the »V-Modell Reference Work Products.

In addition to Dr. Artemis, who will be responsible for »Configuration Management, Dr. Odysseus includes additional experienced and competent members in his team. He appoints Mr. Prometheus as »QA Manager and Mr. Sokrates as »Requirements Engineer (Acquirer).

At a joint meeting - the so-called kick-off meeting - the project members discuss their concepts for the future tasks. In the near future, i.e., until the next decision gate »Project Defined, the »Project Manual, the »Project Plan, the »QA Manual, a »Project Status Report and a »Quality Status Report shall be prepared. Furthermore, the »Product Library has to be set up.