3 Part 3: V-Modell Reference Tailoring

3.6 Process Modules

3.6.1 Project Management



Figure 20: Process module Project Management


The project management includes all tasks required for planning and controlling the activities of the project team in order to safely achieve the objective of project and to early recognize and correct any problems. For this purpose, the »Process Module Project Management defines a process for planning and controlling projects. The management of a project has a decisive influence on the success of the project.

The project management describes the initialization, planning, execution and conclusion of a project. Important products include the »Project Manual, which specifies the organizational framework conditions, the »Project Plan, the »Risk List and the »Reporting products, which are intended to document all project events and results and ensure the internal and external distribution.

The »Project Leader prepares the »Project Manual, an initial »Project Plan and a »Risk List in cooperation with the acquirer. In the course of the project, these documents will be updated. At regular intervals - at least before pending »Project Progress Decisions, a »Project Status Report shall be prepared for the acquirer and the in-house management. A the end of the project, a »Final Project Report will be prepared.

Project types that may include this process module

System Development Project (Acquirer), System Development Project (Supplier), System Development Project (Acquirer/Supplier), Introduction and Maintenance of an Organization-Specific Process Model