1 Part 1: Fundamentals of the V-Modell

1.4 Management Mechanisms of the V-Modell

1.4.4 Risk-Minimizing Project Control

During the project, project progress and project risks have to be reviewed continually and systematically, and difficulties have to be circumvented appropriately. The process module »Project Management specifies the procedures required for this purpose. At higher level, the decision gates are used for monitoring the project progress and reducing the overall risk for project success.

The decision gates indicate quality gates a decision on the project progress and the following project execution based on the products to be submitted at the respective decision gate. This decision lies in the area of responsibility of the »Executive and has to be made in the »Steering Committee, which includes all key persons of the project, as shown in Figure 11.

The decision has to be documented in the product »Project Progress Decision, where the funds and resources for the following »Project Section will be released. It is also possible to impose conditions for the following project section. If the decision on the project progress is in the negative, it is possible to specify, in individual cases, whether the submitted products have to be improved and submitted again, the project shall undergo a fundamentally new development or the project shall be cancelled.

The steering committee does not have to meet physically to make a project progress decision. Instead, the project progress decision can be made by circulation of an appropriate document or by e-mail. Additionally, it is possible to cover several project progress decisions in a single meeting. This procedure is advised especially in case of several parallel development threads.

The consequent application of the »Project Execution Strategy and the »Decision Gates leads to a risk-minimizing project control. Undesirable developments will be recognized early in the »Project Stages, which permits an early initiation of appropriate countermeasures.


Figure 11: »Decision Gate and Project Progress Decision

The following products have to be submitted at all decision gates except for »Project Approved and »Project Completed: »Project Progress Decision, »Project Plan, »Project Status Report, and »Quality Status Report.