4 Part 4: V-Modell Reference Roles

4.2 Roles

4.2.14 Inspector


The ยปInspector prepares the evaluation specifications, which he uses as basis for testing the project results. He records the evaluation results in an evaluation report.

Tasks and Responsibilities

Skill profile

Role Allocation

Normally, the inspector is a member of the project team, in most cases a competent developer or a person familiar with the evaluation object.

The inspector must not be the creator of the evaluation object.

Responsible for

Evaluation Report Usability, Evaluation Specification Usability, Evaluation Report Product Configuration, Evaluation Specification Product Configuration, Evaluation Report Delivery, Evaluation Specification Delivery, Evaluation Report Document, Evaluation Report Process, Evaluation Specification Document, Evaluation Specification Process, Evaluation Report System Element, Evaluation Procedure System Element, Evaluation Specification System Element

Participating in

External Hardware Module Specification, External Software Module Specification, Software Specification, External Unit Specification, Overall System Specification, System Specification