1 Part 1: Fundamentals of the V-Modell

1.5 Project Execution

1.5.4 Multi-Projektmanagement

Within the framework of the V-Modell, an Acquirer may cooperate during a project with several Suppliers in parallel. The individual »Decision Gate of these sub-projects can be achieved indepently of each other.

There are a variety of reasons for subdividing a project in this way, e.g., if it is impossible to find a general contractor as sole supplier, or if the project definition based on the first architectural considerations already shows that the system comprises several relatively independent components, which may be developed independently by several suppliers.

In order to subdivide a project into several sub-projects, the Acquirer needs the contents of the process module »Management of Multiple Projects. The selection of the project type variant »Project (Acquirer) with Several Suppliers adds this process module to the project-specific application profile.