5 Part 5: V-Modell Reference Work Products

5.3 Products

5.3.1 Supply and Contracting

The »Discipline Supply and Contracting includes the work products and activities from the »Request for Proposal (Acquirer) to »Offer, »Contract (Acquirer), »Delivery and »Statement of Acceptance (Acquirer) . Supplier products frequently have counterparts on the side of the acquirer and vice versa. Thus the work products »Request for Proposal (Acquirer), Contract (Acquirer), »Contract Addendum (Acquirer) and »Statement of Acceptance (Acquirer) are duplicates of the acquirer's originals. Conversely, this applies to the offer which is provided to the acquirer as duplicate of the supplier's original.

The »Assessment of Request for Proposal is unique since it is conducted by the respective organization before the V-Modell is applied and since it is used as basis for the decision to submitt a proposal in the »Decision Gate »Project Approved.