1 Part 1: Fundamentals of the V-Modell

1.3 Basic Concepts of the V-Modell

1.3.8 Overview of Basic Concepts

An important principle of the V-Modell is its target-oriented and result-oriented practicing. This basic philosophy is visible in numerous aspects of the V-Modell:

Thus, the products defined in the V-Modell are the central interim and final results of the project. Based on the objectives of the project, these results are defined during the project concept and planning phase. During the project progression, they are processed and completed using professionally practices.

The target and result orientation of the V-Modell avoids unnecessary activities which are not oriented towards a result. Activities and work steps which do not contribute to the achievement of a result are not described in the V-Modell. This focussing of the V-Modell is a significant prerequisite for an efficient project execution.