3 Part 3: V-Modell Reference Tailoring

3.5 Project Type Variants

A project type variant determines the »Project Execution Strategy, which specifies a sequence of relevant »Decision Gates, and thus a chronological order for project execution. In addition, a project type variant can specify additional mandatory »Process Modules. The conditional »Project Characteristics also provide optional process modules and adaptations of the project execution strategy.

The descriptions of project type variants are structured as follows: At first the purpose of the project type variant and the framework conditions for its use are described.Then, a detailed description of the sequence follows. This sequence comprises a general part, which also displays the overall sequence. Afterwards, the individual decision gates of the project execution strategy are described in detail. For each decision gate, the transitions to the following decision gates are described under"MöglicheÜbergängeausgehendvon 'Entscheidungspunkt'" ("Possible transitions from 'Decision Gate'").

Transitions already listed may reappear if they can be used at another place of the project execution strategy. In this case, the transition will not be described again. Instead, reference will be made to the previous description.