2 Part 2: A Tour through the V-Modell

2.5 Specification of Requirements

V-Modell Description: »Decision Gate »Requirements Specified

In the decision gate »Requirements Specified, the »Steering Committee of the acquirer or the end users, resp., check the completeness and correctness of the developed requirements and their prioritization. In case of a positive evaluation, the requirements will be documented in form of the work product »Requirements Specification. In addition an evaluation of requirements in accordance with the priority assigned to the individual requirements by the acquirer will be submitted. Based on these documents, the system may be developed by the supplier after the contract has been awarded.

The Trademark and Patent Information System team has reached the »Project Progress Stage for defining the project and begins to analyze the requirements using the V-Modell as basis. »Project Leader Dr. Odysseus intends to prepare the requirements in several iterations.

The Requirements Analyst Mr. Sokrates is tasked with preparing a first version of the »Requirements Specification. Then Dr. Odysseus will evaluate these requirements thoroughly with respect to technical feasibility, affordability, economic efficiency and importance. He records this in writing in the »Requirements Evaluation. Based on this evaluation, Mr. Sokrates will review the requirements. This second version of requirements will then be submitted to some users - including but not limited to Mr. Apollon, who had the idea for the Trademark and Patent Information System - for assessment. This early and intensive integration of the future users of the system will significantly reduce the risk that the system will possibly not be accepted.