1 Part 1: Fundamentals of the V-Modell

1.3 Basic Concepts of the V-Modell

Within the framework of further development, the content of the V-Modell was extended. In addition, the quality characteristics of the V-Modell were improved, particularly with regard to the project-specific and organization-specific adaptability, the applicability to the project, the scalability to various project sizes and the changeability and extendability of the V-Modell itself. In order to achieve this, the structure of the V-Modell was revised completely, and the formerly monolithic model was subdivided into individual components. Predefined process templates describe which components will be used in an actual project constellation and in which sequence the required ยปWork Products and intermediate results have to be developed.

The following section provides a brief survey of the overall structure of the updated V-Modell. Afterwards, the individual basic concepts of the V-Modell will be described in detail, followed by a summary of the target-oriented and result-oriented approach of the V-Modell.