2 Part 2: A Tour through the V-Modell

2.3 Initializing a Project

V-Modell Description: »Decision Gate »Project Approved

In the decision gate »Project Approved, the »Steering Committee of the acquirer decides - based on the »Project Proposal - whether the »Request for Proposal shall be initiated.

After the idea for the project is born, the »Project Leader Dr. Odysseus prepares a »Project Proposal. The process for "initiating" a project is not specified in the V-Modell. The product »Project Proposal is marked as »External Product, and the V-Modell does not include any activity describing the preparation of a »Project Proposal. Nevertheless, Dr. Odysseus can use the proposed structure and contents of a »Project Proposal - which is included in the »V-Modell Reference Work Products - as orientation.