1 Part 1: Fundamentals of the V-Modell

1.6 Further Development of the V-Modell

A two-stage procedure is defined for the maintenance and further development of the V-Modell. The procedure is also recommended for modifications of a V-Modell adapted to a specific organization if the adoption of the updated V-Modell is planned or the organization-specific V-Modell is intended to be updated for other reasons.

At relatively short intervals, which correspond to the innovation cycles of information technology, the V-Modell may be changed and upgraded. For this purpose, an »Advanced V-Modell, or parts of an advanced V-Modell, will be developed in accordance with the development of an organization-specific V-Modell. These change and development proposals are submitted to the Weit association (»Weit e.V.). The Weit e.V. decides whether the changes will be integrated into the »V-Modell. Changes and upgradings can only affect »Process Module, »Project Execution Strategy, »Decision Gate, »Project Characteristic and »Mapping to Standards.

Changes beyond this scope, e.g., changes of the existing »Fundamentals of the V-Modell, belong to the second stage of the procedure. Changes of this type have to be executed by a special review and coordination process with the »V-Modell Users within the scope of an updating project.